Airtraq. Guided video intubation. Where and when you need it.


Airtraq Wi-Fi Camera

  • Integrated 2.8” Touch Screen flips and rotates on 2 Axis
  • Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi to Ipad / Iphone / PC
  • Easy assembly to every Airtraq model

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  • Facilitates intubation from any position.
  • Records intubations.
  • Shares Wi-Fi real time images with Apple® and Android™ phones/tablets and PC's.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • High quality image. 
Wifi camera benefits


  • Attachable to Airtraq SP and Airtraq Avant adult sizes.
  • Integrated 2.8” Touch Panel
  • Screen flips and image rotates to enable intubation from any position.
  • Video Recording. Downloadable to PC.
  • Wi-Fi to Apple® and Android™ phones/tablets and PC's.
  • Video Playback on screen with user friendly menus.
  • Battery Operating time: 100 minutes.
  • Portable and Lightweight.
  • Automatically on when inserted into Airtraq.
  • Includes docking charger for camera.



  • Wi-Fi to Apple® and Android™ phones/tablets and PC's.
  • Simultaneous connection to 5 different devices.
  • "Airtraq Cam" app must be installed in every device.
Wi-fi connectivity

Quick Guide

Battery charge
  • Operating Time (full battery) = 120 min.
  • Charging cycle = 150 min.
    Battery charge 
A-360 assembly onto Airtraq. Screen Flip + Rotation.
  • Assemble A-360 onto the Airtraq, or press the orange On/Off button for 2 sec.
  • Press Rotate-36x36 to rotate image upside down
Send Wi-Fi Live video to Phones / Tablet or PC (range 10 m.).
  • Download "Airtraq Cam" app from App Store or Google Play to your mobile device, or install PC application “Airtraq to PC” (from A-360's internal memory).
  • In A-360 make sure Wi-Fi is enabled WiFi-on
  • In Phone / Tablet / PC select Wi-Fi created by the A-360 (Name = ATQ+Device ID+ 4 figures). The first time enter Wi-Fi password that is set on the A-360.
  • In Phone / Tablet / PC start “Airtraq Cam” . Connecting to A-360 will take 10 sec.

Video Recording.
  • To start press icon REC. To stop press the recording icon Stop-rec-40x40
  • Videos are recorded in A-360´s internal memory (more than 10 h.) in mpg format. Maximum video length is 30 min.
  • Recording is disabled when battery level is below 15% and when internal memory is full.
Play recorded videos.
  • Select “Videos”. Select the desired video to start playing a video.
  • Up and Down navigation buttons will select previous/next page.
Download videos to PC.
  • Turn on A-360 and connect to PC´s USB port using cable provided. A-360 will be recognized as an external storage device. Copy or delete files.
Delete All Videos.
  • Go to Settings Menu. Confirmation for deletion will be required.




  • A-360 must be at least over 90% charged before upgrading. Otherwise the unit will not upgrade.
  • Select and download latest version of A-360 Internal Software from the table on Downloads  section.
  • Turn On A-360 and connect to PC using the USB/Micro USB cable provided (directly or through docking).
  • Open A-360 and go to folder “System”. Copy unziped file from PC to “System”.
  • Keep A-360 cable connected to PC and, using PC´s menus, eject safely A-360 from PC (as usually done to remove any USB external device).
  • ONLY FOR MAC USERS: Wait a minute before performing next step.
  • Press and hold the On-Off button until “updating” is shown on the A-360 screen. Once the updating process is finished (it can take seconds or a few minutes depending on the update being performed) the screen will display “OK” message.
  • Disconnect the cable between PC and A-360. Turn on A-360 and check “System Info” to confirm the new software version is installed.


  • Make sure that A-360 battery is properly charged and that the last Internal Software version is installed.
  • If the A-360 cannot be shut down try a hard reset by pressing the Reset Button, located near the lens of the camera, using a thin bar.

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