Airtraq - Guided video intubation


Wi-Fi Camera Software

‘Airtraq Cam’ app for PC (A390 & A360 Wi-Fi Cameras)

Dowload version 2.0.12 (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible) to connect Wi-Fi Camera to PC

‘Airtraq Cam’ app for mobile devices (A390 & A360 Wi-Fi Cameras)

Download “Airtraq Cam” app on Google Play or App Store and install it in your Android or Apple mobile device to connect Wi-Fi Camera.

Get on App Store Get on Google Play

A390 Wi-Fi Camera Upgrade

Use ‘Airtraq Cam’ app for PC to upgrade A390 internal software.

A360 Wi-Fi Camera Upgrade

Check installed software version in System Info and download the appropriate file:

Installed versionLatest version

VIDEO: How to upgrade A360 camera software

High-resolution images

Airtraq SP

Download Airtraq SP high-resolution images

Airtraq Avant

Download Airtraq Avant high-resolution images

A390 Wi-Fi Camera

Download A390 Wi-Fi Camera high-resolution images

Brochures and instructions


Editable and printable version (June 2017)

Web version (June 2017)

Intructions for Use

Airtraq SP Adult regular
Adult small
Double lumen
Naso tracheal
Airtraq Avant Optics
Dock Station
Wi-Fi Camera A390 Wi-Fi Camera
A360 Wi-Fi Camera
Universal Smartphone AdapterUniversal Smartphone Adapter

Animated instructions for PC

Download animated instructions for use

Clinical studies

Summary of Clinical Studies, Case Reports, Letters and Manikin Studies. Includes Cross Reference Table.

Publications by Topic: Clinical Communications Summary