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Clinical studies

CR#02 Tracheal intubation in polytraumatized patients using the Airtraq laryngoscope

REMI- Article No. A49. Vol 6 No. 6, June 2006
Nieves de Lucas García. Samur-Protección Civil, Madrid

Case 1. A 33 year-old male patient who had fallen from a second floor, was treated at the scene by a pre-hospital emergency service. On arrival he was unconscious, with a Glasgow Coma Scale Score of 3 He was placed in a cervical collar, with a chin support brace, and intubated with the Airtraq in barely 15 seconds, without removing the cervical collar from its place or making any minimum significant neck movement.

Case 2. A 78 year-old male patient who had fallen from a height of 5 metres was treated at the scene of the accident by the pre-hospital emergency service. We suspected he could suffer moderate craniocerebral trauma because his rating on the Glasgow Coma Scale Score, (GCS) had dropped from 14 to 12 during the first few minutes, as well as diaphragm trauma and abdominal trauma. In 20 seconds he was intubated using the Airtraq after he had been applied cervical collar and his head immobilized (the manoeuvre included the visualization of the glottis by an accompanying doctor).

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