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CR#03 Intubation using the Airtraq in patients with maxillary fracture

Intensive Care Medicine Volume 6 No. 7, July 2006.
Nieves de Lucas García. Samur-Protección Civil, Madrid

A male patient (estimated age is 65 years old), run over by a vehicle in a speedway. He was immediately treated on the scene by an extra hospital emergency service (The Samur in Madrid).

The patient presented a frontal trauma with a wound bleeding profusely, zygomatic bone fracture and maxillary fracture. He had a sternum fracture and an arrhythmia condition, with bilateral basal hyperventilation. We could hardly hear any bowel sounds in the abdomen and, tough it was soft, it initially revealed defence in the left hemiabdomen. The electrocardiogram revealed auricular fibrillation. Vital signs: 140 lpm, 20 rpm, TA 83/65 mmHg, oxygen saturation reached 93%, with a Glasgow Coma Score of 8.

After various unsuccessful intubation attempts with conventional laryngoscope we managed to intubate the patient using the Airtraq without any problems. 

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