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CR#08 A managed case of difficult intubation with Airtraq

Fabio Salvatore Lionti. Associazione Volontaria Interprovinciale di Soccorso

The case regards one young Austrian woman of 20 years, who remained victim of a road accident.
On delivery patient, it was reported to us that on the scene of the accident the intubation was impossible, for that reason it was used a laringeal mask. Once arrived at the hospital, after some trying, the patient has been intubated with the aid of a fibroscope.
After a short way, arrived at the airport, during boarding procedures of the patient, the pilot balloon of the cuff was completely deflated. It was tried to inflate again the tube but without success, while the pressure obtained with the ventilations was not sufficient to maintain adequate exchanges.
After two unsuccessful intubation attempts – by deeper sedation-it was positioned a laringeal mask, while we consulted our helicopter ambulance colleagues about the solutions to adopt.
The Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator of the helicopter ambulance uses therefore the AirTraq (aircraft’s equipment) for the intubation of the patient, together with an ET tube of ID 6.5. The intubation, although with some difficulties, succeeds at the first attempt.

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