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CR#28 The Pediatric Airtraq, a Possible Solution for the Treacher Collins’ Airway

Tracey Straker MD. MPH, Montefiore Medical Center                                                                                                                                                       

 A 9 year old boy, 20.7kg, with a history of Treacher Collins Syndrome was scheduled for craniofacial reconstruction. He had multiple surgeries for cleft palate and microtia, in which his airway had been secured by spontaneously breathing fiberoptic intubation.
The previous fiberoptic intubations were with considerable difficulty.A CA 1 resident prepared for the Treacher Collins’ case with the pediatric Airtraq the day before by intubating a pediatric mannequin once. The CA 1 resident was able to successfully intubate the child without any difficulty or aid from an attending.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the pediatric Airtraq can be a valuable device in the securing of a known difficult airway, and may be of value in an unanticipated difficult airway.
Instruction with the pediatric Airtraq is minimal and successful intubation afterwards can be achieved.

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