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CR#33 Paediatric Airtraq for adult nasal intubation in anaesthetized patients

British Journal of Anaesthesia doi:10.1093/bja/aeq042
C. J. Morris J. Rangasami Wrexham Park, UK

The authors wanted to add their experience with the paediatric Airtraq optical laryngoscope. One of the authors has extensive experience using the Airtraq with anaesthetized patients.

On occasion when orotracheal intubation has proved difficult using the adult Airtraq despite visualizing the glottis, they have used the paediatric Airtraq in a similar manner to that described by Professor Asai in a previous letter.
That is, they have passed a nasotracheal tube before inserting a paediatric Airtraq and with the excellent view obtained been able to manipulate the tube into the trachea.

In addition, with these anesthetized patients, the additional space provided by the use of a paediatric device has facilitated the passage of McGill’s forceps in order to manipulate the tracheal tube when advancement was obstructed.

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