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Clinical studies

CR#39 Pediatric Airtraq for Airway Rescue in a Developing World Setting

Minerva Anesthesiologica June 2011
E. Piraccini R.M.Corso et al GB Morgagni Pierantoni Hospital Italy

The authors report their experience using Airtraq in children submitted to ENT in a Columbian hospital during two humanitarian missions in 2009 & 2010. Seven children scheduled for cleft palate surgery were chosen to be intubated with Airtraq.

In all cases pediatric Airtraq provided a good view of the vocal cords & allowed intubation at the first attempt within 30 seconds.

Unfortunatley a fibre optic laryngoscope is not always available in developing countries but the authors conclude that clincians should be aware of other devices available in the market and the pediatric Airtraq solved the difficult situations they faced in this hospital. Hence Airtraq could be a useful solution when it is impossible to meet all the anaesthetic society guidelines

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