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Clinical studies

CS#06 The Airtraq for placement of double-lumen endobronchial tube

Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 54:955-957 (2007)
Y. Hirabayashi, MD and N.Seo, MD. Jichi Medical University, Japan

The Airtraq® laryngoscope allowed placement of 35- and 37-French DLTs in ten patients without complications. Based on our experience, the Airtraq® laryngoscope accepts 35- and 37-French DLTs, although the latter was somewhat thick against the channel of the scope. It is probably impossible to insert a 39-French DLT (outer diameter = 13 mm).

Despite this limitation, the Airtraq® laryngoscope appears to be an alternative approach for DLT placement when the physician encounters cases in which the conventional Macintosh laryngoscopy results in unsuccessful DLT placement.

Note: The cases were performed using a Regular size Airtraq. A new Airtraq model specifically designed to accommodate DLT tubes up to 41-French will soon be available.

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