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CS#12 Airtraq vs Macintosh. Intubation of morbidly obese patients

British Journal of Anaesthesia 100 (2): 263–8 (2008)
S. K. Ndoko et Al.  Jean Verdier Public University Hospital of Paris

One hundred and six consecutive ASA I–III morbidly obese patients undergoing
surgery were randomized to intubation with the Macintosh laryngoscope or the Airtraq laryngoscope.

In the Airtraq group, tracheal intubation was successfully carried out in all patients within 120 s. In the Macintosh laryngoscope group, six patients required intubation with the Airtraq laryngoscope.

The mean (SD) time taken for tracheal intubation was 24 (16) and 56 (23) s, respectively, with the Airtraq and Macintosh laryngoscopes, (P,0.001). SpO2 was better maintained in the Airtraq group than in the Macintosh laryngoscope group with one and nine patients, respectively, demonstrating drops of SpO2 to 92% or less (P,0.05).

Conclusions. In this study, the Airtraq laryngoscope shortened the duration of tracheal intubation and prevented reductions in arterial oxygen saturation in morbidly obese patients.

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