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Clinical studies

CS#16 Awake intubation with Airtraq laryngoscope in patients with anticipated difficult airway

J Anesthesia (2009) 23:172–173
Yoshihiro Hirabayashi and Norimasa Seo , Jichi Medical University, Tochigi , Japan

We studied 20 patients who required nasotracheal intubation. Each intubation was performed by a non-anesthesia physician with 1–2 months of training in airway management. Our study demonstrates that, in comparison with the Macintosh laryngoscope, the Airtraq laryngoscope provides superior intubation conditions for personnel who are training in airway management, resulting in less time to secure the airway.

No patient in the Airtraq group experienced esophageal intubation, while one resident performed an esophageal intubation in the Macintosh group. In the present study, Magill forceps were not needed for any patient for nasotracheal intubation with Airtraq laryngoscopy.

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