Airtraq - Guided video intubation

Clinical studies

CS#26 Airtraq for intubation in Treacher Collins syndrome

ASA 2009 Abstract
Neal Samuels, F.R.C.A., St. Bartholomews’ Hospital, West Smithfield, London, United Kingdom

In patients with Cormack-Lehane scores 1 and 2 (n=26) there was no significant difference in laryngoscopy view between either of the laryngoscopic technique (p>0.05). In contrast in patients with Cormack-Lehane 3 or 4 view (n=16) the optical laryngoscopy demonstrated a statistical significant improvement in the laryngoscopy view (p<0.001).

These results suggest that the Airtraq laryngoscope may have a role in the management of known (Cormack-Lehane 3 or 4 view) or predicted difficult airways (Mallampati 3 or 4) but does not improve on conventional McIntosh Blade laryngoscopy for routine airway visualisation (Grade 1 or 2 Cormack-Lehane).

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