Airtraq - Guided video intubation

Clinical studies

CS#29 Intubation with an Airtraq of a 7-year-old child with severe cervical burned sequels

Minerva Anesthesiologica Vol 76 2010
RM Corso E. Piraccini M. Terzitta V. Agnoletti G. Gambale Morgagni Pierantoni Hospital Italy

A six month observational study was conduced at this hospital  from June 2009 to December 2009 to assess the use of Airtraq in the ICU setting. Number of attempted intubations, failures & difficulties were recorded. During the period of study 20 patients were involved (15 males and 5 female). In six patients the Airtraq was used after failure in direct laryngoscopy. A full view was acheived in all patients with Airtraq & all patients were intubated with Airtraq at the first attempt. No complications were documented.

The authors conclude that the most important intubation guideline is the one that defines the best backup method to secure the airway when direct laryngoscopy has failed. The authors state: Our experience suggest that the Airtraq could be a good choice

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