Airtraq - Guided video intubation

Clinical studies

CS#48 Use of the Airtraq by inexperienced physicians supervised

Annales Francaises d’Anesthesia et de Reanimation 30 (2011) 804 – 808
Giquello Humbert Duc Monrigal & Granry – Centre Hospitalier d’Angers France

The goal of this study was to evaluate Airtraq efficiency when used by inexperienced physicians in anticipated adult difficult intubations.

20 patients were included over a month study – in the majority of these cases the insertion of the Airtraq, the visualization of the glottis and the subsequent intubation were rapid and easy, without oxygen desaturation. However four intubation failures associated with prolonged intubation times in some patients highlight the fact that the Airtraq laryngoscope requires a clinical training process particularly in case of anticipated difficult airway management situations.

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