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CS#57 Successful Airtraq Use in an Air Medical Transport System

Air Medical Journal, November-December 2014
William Selde, Kyle English, Matthew Heffelfinger, Jan Eichel and Glenn Ekblad.
Western Michigan School of Medicine, Wyoming Medical Center and West Michigan Air Care.

There is a large body of literature that shows that the AirTraq device achieves equal or superior rates of successful intubation in all classes of user. A recent prospective human trial of the device questioned the first pass success rate and whether effective training could occur outside the Operating Room (OR).

The purpose of this study was to investigate the first pass success rate for intubation with the AirTraq (AT) device utilizing only man-nequin training in an air ambulance setting from Aug. 1 2009 to Aug. 1 2012 and compare it to direct laryngoscopy (DL). 

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