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MS#09 In-line head and neck position is preferable for tracheal intubation

Journal of Anesthesia (2008) 22:189–190
Yoshihiro Hirabayashi,  Norimasa Seo,  Jichi Medical University, Japan

20 anesthetists performed tracheal intubations on a manikin with either an in-line head and neck position or the sniffing position.

There were no differences in the success rate and the time to intubation between the two positions. The overall number of teeth clicks was lower in the in-line head and neck position than in the sniffing position (P < 0.05). The score for preference of position, on a visual analogue scale, was better for the in-line head and neck position than for the sniffing position (P < 0.01).

We concluded that the in-line head and neck position was preferable for tracheal intubation with the Airtraq laryngoscope compared to the sniffing position.

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