Airtraq - Guided video intubation

Clinical studies

MS#14 Success of Intubation by novice users

CEMC Abstracts 205
Ryan, Mihata,, Wright State University, Centerville, Ohio.

48 medical students with no prior intubation experience. Each student intubated a manikin with each of the three devices in four scenarios: normal airway, difficult airway (cervical spine immobility), difficult airway (pharyngeal swelling), and repeat normal airway.

Airtraq and Glidescope were consistently rated easier to use than the Macintosh. In most scenarios, Airtraq was rated easier to use than Glidescope.

Conclusion: For novice users, Airtraq and Glidescope show significant advantages in time to intubation as well as perceived ease-of use when compared to direct laryngoscopy. Airtraq outperformed Glidescope in most scenarios. We saw improvement in time to intubation as well as ease-of-use over a short training period.

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