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MS#17 Comparison of the C-MAC videolaryngoscope with the Macintosh, Glidescope and Airtraq

Anaesthesia, 2010, 65, pages 483–489
J. McElwain, M.A. Malik, B.H. Harte, N.M. Flynn and J.G. Laffey
Department of Anaesthesia, Galway University Hospitals and School of Medicine, Ireland

The C-MAC comprises a Macintosh blade connected to a video unit. The familiarity of the Macintosh blade, and the ability to use the C-MAC as a direct or indirect laryngoscope, may be advantageous. The authors wished to compare the C-MAC with Macintosh, Glidescope and Airtraq laryngoscopes in easy and simulated difficult laryngoscopy.

31 experienced anaesthetists performed tracheal intubation in an easy and difficult laryngoscopy scenario. The duration of intubation attempts, success rates, number of intubation attempts and of optimisation manoeuvres, the severity of dental compression, and difficulty of device use were recorded.

In easy laryngoscopy, the duration of tracheal intubation attempts were similar with the C-MAC, Macintosh and Airtraq laryngoscopes; the Glidescope performed less well. The C-MAC and Airtraq provided the best glottic views, but the C-MAC was rated as the easiest device to use. In difficult laryngoscopy the C-MAC demonstrated the shortest tracheal intubation times. The Airtraq provided the best glottic view, with the Macintosh providing the worst view – plus the Airtraq produced the least dental compression.

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