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MS#24 Efficacy of the Airtraq laryngoscope

J Anesth (2011) 25:93–97
Kohki Nishikawa Eiko Hukuoka Toshiya Kawagishi Yuki Shimodate Michiaki Yamakage

Eight anesthesia providers were enrolled in this study. The participants intubated the trachea of the ALS Simulator manikin in five tongue edema scenarios simulating modified Cormack– Lehane grade 1, 2a, 2b, 3, and 4 views and one cervical immobilization scenario.

No significant difference in the rate of successful intubation was detected between the combined use and the use of Airtraq alone in all scenarios. However, the duration of intubation attempts with the combined use was significantly shorter in difficult laryngoscopy scenarios and were significantly longer in easy laryngoscopy scenarios than those with Airtraq alone. The rate of successful intubation and duration of intubation attempts were similar between the anesthetists and residents in each intubation technique in all scenarios.

Conclusion:  The combined use of Airtraq and a FOB enables rapid intubation in simulated difficult airway scenarios compared with intubation using Airtraq alone, and the speed of intubation performed by anesthetists and residents is similar in all airway scenarios.

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