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Clinical studies

MS#26 Simulating face-to-face tracheal intubation of a trapped patient

British Journal of Anaesthesia 108 (1): 140–5 (2012)
R. Amathieu, J. Sudrial, W. Abdi, D. Luis, H. Hahouache, X. Combes and G. Dhonneur

Thirty senior emergency medicine physicians were trained in the use of the LMA Fastrach, GlideScope, and Airtraq laryngoscope with a standard airway trainer manikin (control). Participants were then asked to perform tracheal intubation in two difficult situations simulated on a difficult airway management manikin wearing a cervical collar. In Situation 1, the manikin was in the supine position with a difficult airway caused by stiffening the cervical spine. In Situation 2, the manikin was positioned to simulate face-to-face tracheal intubation. We measured intubation times, success rates for tracheal intubation, and the difficulty of tracheal intubation.

Conclusions. The Airtraq laryngoscope was superior to both the GlideScope and LMAFastrach during simulated face-to-face difficult tracheal intubation.

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