Airtraq - Guided video intubation

Airtraq outperforms DL for Nasal Intubations

Easy and difficult nasal intubation – a randomised comparison of Macintosh vs Airtraq laryngoscopes

Anaesthesia, St. Kliniken Essen-Mitte, Essen, Germany

The authors prospectively compared tracheal intubation efficiency of the Airtraq for nasotracheal intubation vs that of the Macintosh in 200 patients.

All easy intubations were succesfully performed with the respective technique.

In the expected difficult intubation group, the success rate was higher, the glottis view was better, mean (SD) intubation time was shorter and the number of optimising manoeuvres was reduced with the nasotracheal Airtraq compared with the Macintosh, respectively.

For difficult nasal intubations, the nasotracheal Airtraq is more effective than the Macintosh laryngoscope

Comparison of Airtraq with Conventional Laryngoscopy in 50 ENT Patients Undergoing Microlaryngoscopy

ASA 2009 Abstract Harald V. Genzwuerker,, Neckar-Odenwald-Kliniken , Buchen and Mosbach, Germany

Laryngoscopic view was obtained with a Macintosh blade by an anesthesia resident with 2 years of training in 50 adult patients before intubation was attempted with the Airtraq by the same operator. Cormack and Lehane score was used to compare glottic view.

Conclusion: In ENT patients presenting for microlaryngoscopical surgery, laryngoscopic view is improved with the Airtraq® when compared to conventional laryngoscopy with a Macintosh blade.

Better view may lead to less trauma and swelling at the glottic inlet caused by intubation, facilitating planned procedures.

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Airtraq - Guided video intubation